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GET, GROW, & KEEP Customers

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    We help Xtreme Business Guide members and small business owners learn how to GET clients! How many leads are coming into your inbox?

  • GROW

    Once you have a client are you providing ways to grow your relationship with that client? What other services are you providing?

  • KEEP

    Retention is Key. Having happy healthy clients keeps your retention high. It's harder to find a new customer than to keep a current one!KEEP

Our Training Style

Working in the technology and the sales and marketing industry is one thing but having experience with training in technology really helped us take our classroom experience and bring it online. Our brains gather tons of data on a daily basis. We sift through the junk to bring you the important stuff and best of all we do this so that way you can understand then retain. We also make this easy for you go to back through a course when you are ready to apply or "do" a specific task for your business. We get it! You are busy but you know you must learn to stay ahead. Let Us Help! Quick Lessons, Quick Training, Right to the Point with measurable results.
Our Training Style

See What Our Members Say

Franceanna Campagna Real Estate


Franceanna Campagna Real Estate

Cathy keeps me focused, motivated and accountable! With the 1 on 1 success action plan, it is like having Cathy as my own business development team. As a small business owner, there is significant value to working with someone who understands my marketing needs and can help formulate a concrete action plan with trackable response rates. My investment is paying off.
Elite Weddings & Events


Elite Weddings & Events

Cathy has been an Amazing strategic partner in helping my business grow. She has truly helped me to understand how to best use Social Media, and how to get the most out of my CRM site solutions. Thanks to Cathy's you can do it attitude, encouragement, and helping me to make a clear plan, I have been able to grow my business by 40% in just 1 year. She is so worth the investment. Thank you Cathy! I can't wait to see what is next!
Southern Magic Taste of Texas


Southern Magic Taste of Texas

Cathy has been working around the clock it seems to get my website built, adding me to social media sites, and helping me build Southern Magic Taste of Texas. I have added customers already and its only been 2 days! Best decision I ever made was to choose Xtreme Business Guide and Cathy to partner with my new business. Thank you for all you do, I appreciate you very much!!!

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